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    Empowering People to Actively Participate in Increasing Chronic Disease and Cancer Survival Rates             

    Aton Health’s vision is to reduce the effects of chronic disease and cancer by helping fast-track the development of early detection technologies.

  • The Aton Health Solution

    Aton Health accelerates the clinical trial process by providing high volumes of study participants in an efficient and quality manner via our strong Preferred Affiliate Network and innovative Clinical Trial Accelerator.

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    Designed for Minimal-Risk Trials

    Participation does not require additional in-person clinic visits and is conducted via digital technology and in-home bio fluid sample collection.

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    Diverse and Scalable

    Participants can be recruited from all regions and demographic subsets by eliminating geographic constraints, ensuring representation by all populations.

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    Every Clinic Can Participate

    A unique approach that allows every clinic to participate in research without changes to facilities, staffing, compliance, training or existing workflows.

  • Our Process


    Participant Identification

    We search within and beyond our network to identify a diverse group of potential participants.


    Participant Engagement

    We conduct recruitment, eligibility screening and obtain all necessary consent for enrollment.


    Study Execution

    We facilitate bio sample collection, additional data requirements and payment to participants.


    Study Delivery

    We deliver all required source documentation, quality assurance, data management and protocol compliance.

  • Participate in a Study

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    You're invited to join the search

    Virtually anyone can now play an active role in advancing critical cancer detection research. Think of Aton Health as research matchmakers. We connect willing participants like you with our network of providers and clinical sites to fast-track the development of multi-cancer and chronic disease early detection technologies via observational studies.

  • Aton by the Numbers


    # of Research Affiliate Locations


    Physicians Represented


    Annual Screening Procedures Represented

  • Let's Talk

    Reach out to us to learn more about Aton Health and how you can play a role in early cancer detection.